Some Conversations the CEO and CTO Should Be Having

January 16, 2019
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In SaaS businesses, operating results are earned every single day; and good businesses are made, not found. Writing here about building organizations, learning from the experience, and appreciating the ride.
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In dynamic, growing organizations, the relationship between the CEO and CTO is critically important. Unfortunately, this partnership often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. And, in some ways, it is a relationship that is set up with inherent tension. So, what are some things the CEO and CTO should be making time to talk about?

This was a topic I was invited to cover, from a CEO’s perspective, at a recent gathering of CTO’s. Below is a series of short videos that capture and share some of the main points from that session.

Introduction: What is your CEO thinking (and likely not telling you)? — 7 minutes

Part 1: Re-thinking Investment: Building a Dream Home — 3 minutes

Part 2: Bridging the Gap: From Vision to Story Points — 4 minutes

Part 3: Doing vs. Building: The Whole People Thing — 4 minutes

Part 4: Nurturing Purpose: Love Languages and Left Brainers — 3 minutes

Part 5: Surviving Communications: Avoiding Death by Meeting — 5 minutes


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