Experienced operators investing in and optimizing small-scale SaaS businesses.

Workhorses, not unicorns.

Tangible results are earned every single day. We understand perfection is fantasy, imperfection is opportunity, and that the only constant in the world is change. We believe successful organizations are those that operate best in a fluid environment.

These views shape Lock 8’s investment strategy and our holistic, hands-on approach to consistently building valuable businesses.

Our Investments

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Good businesses are made, not found.

Sound decisions and strong execution create truly lasting value. We love the journey and deeply respect those who lead it.

“Lock 8’s guidance around reconceiving our brand, building a repeatable sales capability, and investing in marketing has helped accelerate growth to a rate that we have never seen before in this business. With this investment, we have been able to unlock untapped potential that has been trapped in the business for years.”

-Steve Chong, COO, Projector PSA
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